I am not a Democrat. To be clear I am not a Republican either. I am not a liberal or a conservative,I am also not a moderate or a centrist.

I am not a Democrat, because the Democrats are centrist in rhetoric and right-wing in action. The Democrats are Pro-War, Pro-Imperialism, Anti Environmentalism, Pro corporate money, anti-Worker and Pro-Capitalism.

I am not a Democrat, because I want to see change. Real change to the system and the world, not just a change in the face of the powerful.

I am not a Democrat, because I viciously oppose equality of opportunity. Equality of Opportunity, is just the equal opportunity to exploit other people. I want that opportunity to be abolished.

I am not A Democrat because I am Anti-Imperialist. I vehemently oppose all wars that are just for the profits of the Capitalist Class. I vehemently oppose all invasion or interference into foreign countries on the basis that it is a threat to the economic interests of the American Empire.

I am not A Democrat because I am a Anti-Capitalist, so it seems unprincipled to even remotely support one of the Capitalist Duopoly parties in America. They are not a party for workers, and they are not a party for unions.

If find it ironic that unions even bother supporting the Democrats, just because they protect the minuscule reforms from the New Deal Era. Yet the Democrats only want to slightly improve the quality of life for working people as much as the ruling class will allow, or if the ruling class would allow it at all.

This has to do with a bit of the history of the labor movement in America and its attachment to the Democrats from the New Deal Era. This also has to do with the bureaucratization and the co-opting of unions by employers. Unions in America went from being tools that workers created to better their conditions that employers feared to tools employers used to make sure that workers weren’t getting to radical or militant. Unions created their own aristocracy of “executive committees” or “councils” that worked to represent the workers in the negotiations with the employers, rather than the workers themselves as a collective body negotiating. This decreased the militancy of the unions.

Democrats will argue that so are the Republicans and that the Republicans are just as far worse then the Democrats, so you better hold your nose and support the Democrats. That the Democrats are the Lesser of Two Evils.

The reality is that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans, if not to some extent worse.

They are worse because they give false hope to many of their supporters. They give false hope to the poor. They give false hope to people of color. They give false hope to immigrants. They give false hope to environmental activists. They give false hope to anti war activists. They give false hope to a majority of the country.

They preach that they are hope and change, but the reality is they are the status quo, and they do not want to change at all.

They support the use of Corporate Money to fund their campaigns in which they just become the left arm of corporate America and do the bidding of Corporations.

But the problem is much deeper than just the taking of corporate money. Democrats themselves have no reason to even reform a majority of the corruption problems many “reformers” wish to see happen.

They don’t have a reason to fix the problems because they benefit from the problems themselves and they benefit from the way the system works. The way the system works is not broken, it is working exactly as it should and that is by design.

That is why I laugh and scoff at many who hope to have a “Blue Wave” in November as if that will change anything. As if electing another corporate tool to replace a different corporate tool is a win. The reality is that even the best of these politicians, the “progressive wing” still are not much better than the groups they oppose. I find the idea of a “Blue Wave” in November to be ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how many people you register to vote, it doesn’t matter how many doors you knock, voters won’t turnout if they see no real difference in the candidates promoted. If the candidates don’t offer anything to make anyone’s lives better why would someone waste their time to vote? Working class people don’t vote because they are working the days of elections and have a hard time getting off and like I said before, they don’t see a reason to vote.

Democrats still really like Imperialism, and they will bow at anything the ruling class wants. That is the nature of Bourgeois Democracy, or Capitalist Democracy. It is not at all a Democracy, but a dictatorship of the ruling class.

It is two puppets on the hands of a corporations that have the strings pulled by the same people. The reality is that it doesn’t matter if the “puppets” or Politicians oppose taking corporate money, or oppose taking large chunks of campaign contributions for wealthy donors. They still are working within a system set up by the ruling class, for the ruling class. Therefore, regardless of what campaign promises any politicians make, the politicians will crack to the pressure of what the ruling class wants because that is the way the system was founded.

So voting is not a form of rebellion, it is not a form of resistance, if anything it is a act of conscious subjection and chloroforming to the will of the ruling class by willfully partaking in the decision to choose which puppet of the ruling class represents your best interest for the ruling class. Thereby it being not in your best interest or the best interest of the working class.

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